The above cross is made out of Solid 3/4" Red Cedar, sealed with a time honored coating of Tung Oil which brings out the richness and beauty of the natural red wood color and grain.

The cross shown above comes in two sizes:  
Small:     12"Long x 7"Wide
Medium: 18"Long x 10"Wide

The above cross would be a cherished addition to any home, business, or church; as well as for anniversary, birthday, graduation, and confirmation gifts.
Modern Christian Cross
12"Long x 7" Wide
Price $9.00

18"Long x 10" Wide
Price $13.00

Cross and Star of David Pendants 

Our Pendants are made from high quality Eastern Red Cedar, North Carolina Poplar or Walnut woods.  Each individual pendant type was designed in my wood shop and carved by a router and hand sanded.   All pendants are sealed with several coats of polyurethane; and hand polished.  

These pendants are sold above without the solid silver chain shown above.  

BUT PLEASE NOTE:  You can purchase a [ 20" ] solid Sterling chain for $8.00.  
This is the price we pay from the wholesale outlet.  We make no profit on this item.
You are only allowed to purchase one necklace per each pendant.  Each necklace is lead free.

No necklace(s) can be purchased without a pendant purchase.
Cross Walnut
2"T x 1"W
Cross Walnut
Inlay Torq. Stone
2"T x 1"W

Star of David Walnut
2"T x 2"W