D.  Vertical
Segmented Vase
Red Cedar Vase
You may order in finished or unfinished.  The finished vases are offered in tung oil and polyurethane at no additional cost.  Horizontal Segmented Vases A. and B. have glass inserts to protect them if used with plants placed in water.

Custom vases can be purchased.  Email us at wpbrog@embarqmail.com with the specifications you desire and we will get back in touch with you through email to send you a quote.

Note: Plant in figure D. is not included in purchase. 

B.  Horizontal
Segmented Vase
Poplar / Walnut
C.  Horizontal Segmented Vase
Poplar / Cedar
A.  Horizontal Segmented Vase
Poplar / Walnut
12.5"L X 4"D
Price: $45.00
16"L X 5"D
Price: $81.00

10.5"L X 3.25"D
Price: $35.00

10"L X 3.5"D
Price: $20.00